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15 year old Mustafa Iqbal writes about his work experience placement in our Bedford office.

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For my work experience I worked at Show Racism the Red Card.  A non-profitable charity whose aim is to teach young people in schools about racism.  My tasks included organising the office, collating data that had been collected and interacting with the children in schools.  I liked this best as I found it the easiest because I could relate to them and get down to their level as they were of similar age to me.  I gained a lot of experience and improved my social skills by talking to new people that I'd never met.  I've become more confident and more flexible with my character.  Work experience has opened new doors for me.

On my first day I got to know the staff.  I had concerns about not being able to make conversation but the pressure was eased as I got to know them more.  It didn't just match my expectations; it blew them out of proportion.  I was always busy with something to do, so never got bored and was always proactive.  I thought work experience would be hard but it turned out to be the complete opposite.  I enjoyed the expereince of being treated like an employee not a student and being part of the workplace.

My experience of the workshops was a good one.  It was nice to see learning from a different perspective, in a different environment and in a different way.  I was no longer the student; I was in a new classroon with a new teacher and new students.  And the students were being taught about an important, diverse issue: racism.  What I noticed about Paul Mortimer when he taught his workshops was that he found it very easy to instantaneously connect with the kids and get himself on their side, he did this by using his own personal experiences and generally have a great character.  He brought a positive atmosphere to the room.  The kids not only liked him because of this but the fact that he was a Championship footballer when he was younger.

The highlight of my week would have to be Thursday when I went with Kate and Paul to Oak Bank School; it was a special school for children with behavioural problems.  I learnt so much from it because the situation and teaching the kids had to be handled totally differently.  They were nice people and they taught me a lot about respect for others and being tolerant.

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