January Monthly Round-up: England

The Education teams in England worked to collectively deliver a series of informative and creative workshops and events during January 2018. 

64 workshops

128 hours of workshop activities, excluding assemblies and fun fitness sessions

1,702 young people participated

17 Primary schools   

5 Secondary school 

In the North East, the Education team delivered 40 workshops, over 80 hours, to a total of 1,056 school students, across the region in 13 Primary schools and 2 Secondary schools.

In the Southern Region, the Education team delivered 24 workshops, over 48 hours, to a total of 646 young people, across the South Region in 4 Primary schools and 3 Secondary schools.


Here are some of the testimonies from our visits:


"Thanks so much the workshop was brilliant. Your Educator Shona was amazing and all the children learnt so much in a fun, engaging and interactive way.  Most importantly some excellent messages were given to support children in developing positive attitudes around diversity and help raise their understanding about the issues around racism. Such a valuable workshop which I would recommend to all schools. 

Thank you so much!"

Ewa Wilson - Head of School




"The sessions were really well organised and run.  There was a high level of participation from the children.  I think that it was an incredibly beneficial experience for the children.  Certainly Year 5 appropriate." -  Teacher



Charity broadens its appeal as new Ambassadors announced

Dominic Broad, Jason Webber & Sunil Patel of SRTRC and Damien Broad. Pictured at The home of Pontypridd Town, USW Sports Park.

Dominic Broad, Jason Webber & Sunil Patel of SRTRC and Damien Broad. Pictured at The home of Pontypridd Town, USW Sports Park.

We are pleased to confirm the latest Ambassadors of our charity are the management duo Damien and Dominic Broad who we recently met up with at their training facilities in USW Sports Park.  Both brothers have supported the charity over the last few years and in 2014, promoted the charity during a high profile friendly match between their club, Pontypridd Town FC and La Liga giants Valencia FC.

Damien works at Bristol City FC as a lecturer while Dominic is also in education working as a Head Teacher at a school in Barry.  Their support in recent years has meant pupils being given an opportunity to attend workshops delivered by the charity and the new Ambassadors are planning a big event in the coming months to help raise the profile of the charity further in Wales.

We are very grateful to Sunil, Jason and the SRTRC organisation and honoured to be invited to be a part of the great work they do, not only in Wales but around the country. We hope that we can work together closely on future projects. To encourage inclusion and cohesion for all members of our communities and educate others in eradicating racism.’
— Damien Broad, SRtRC Wales Ambassador
We have some projects and initiatives we are currently working on and we are looking forward to announcing some exciting news in the very near future. As a club we have worked closely with SRTRC over the past few years and we are delighted we can continue to help the charity going forward.
— Dominic Broad, SRtRC Wales Ambassador