The importance of volunteers:volunteers_resize.jpg

Volunteers enrich the work of our campaign.

Volunteers bring ideas from their own experiences and different work environments.  Sharing these diverse perspectives enriches our work and helps to keep us responsive to the needs of different groups.

Volunteer roles with SRTRC:

Volunteers within SRtRC carry out a variety of roles. This can include:

  • Volunteers who assist our Education Workers in schools and other settings directly with young people
  • Volunteers who help at events, run stalls and take part in specific activities
  • Volunteers who work in the office
  • Management Committee members

What we expect of our volunteers

Volunteers should:

  • Be committed to the aims and values of Show Racism the Red Card
  • Participate in initial training and induction and any additional training as required
  • Give adequate notice whenever it is not possible to fulfil a volunteering engagement
  • Complete and return any paperwork, for example expense claim forms or receipts, that might be required by Show Racism the Red Card
  • In some circumstances provide SRTRC with the names of two referees and consent to disclosure of criminal convictions from the Criminal Records Bureau.  A criminal conviction will not necessarily exclude anyone from becoming a SRTRC volunteer

What Show Racism the Red Card offers its volunteers

Show Racism the Red Card offers training and voluntary work to people with the relevant skills, experience or potential regardless of age, gender, sexuality, disability or ethnicity.

Show Racism the Red Card should:

  • Offer volunteers the opportunity to do skilled and interesting work
  • Offer volunteers appropriate training and skills development
  • Offer volunteers adequate support and supervision by:
  1. Properly briefing them about what is required of them for specific engagements
  2. Assisting, as needed, in the planning of tasks or presentations
  3. Passing on any comments from schools, conference organisers etc and helping volunteers to adapt and develop their skills accordingly
  4. Feeding back to schools, youth clubs etc and information given to us by volunteers in order to improve future contact
  • Keep all volunteer details confidential in accordance with the requirements of data protection legislation

Volunteers’ Rights and Responsibilities

Volunteers have the right to:

  • know what is expected of them
  • clearly specified lines of support and supervision
  • be shown appreciation
  • a safe work environment
  • be insured
  • know what their rights and responsibilities are if things go wrong
  • be paid expenses
  • be trained
  • be free from discrimination
  • opportunity for personal development

Organisations should expect volunteers to:

  • be reliable
  • be honest
  • respect confidentiality
  • make the most of training and support opportunities
  • carry out tasks in a way that reflects the aims of the organisation

Please see the Contact Us page if you would like to get in touch with any of the Show Racism the Red Card offices about potential volunteering opportunities.

Please note: we are not currently recruiting Volunteers in our Scottish office.

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